Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sprinting II

A second attempt at sprinting has been rewarding. I didn't stumble. I felt strong on my legs and was able to progress in speed. In fact, this is the fastest I've been on my feet in over two decades. Strange thought.

My first run was careful and deliberate. I wanted to make sure that I had not forgotten the form I had learned in my first sprinting tryout. I discovered that I had not. This allowed me to concentrate on elongating my stride and speeding up in successive tries.

I ran back and forth a dozen and a half times. Although I went faster and faster each time, I did not reach top speed. I will leave this for a time when I feel more confident on my running skills. I know this sounds odd but this is how it is.

I didn't sweat or was out of breath at any point. The reason must be that I don't run for more than 40-50 meters at a time. By the time I reached top speed, I was ready to start slowing down.

There is something else worth reporting. Since a few months ago, I have been suffering from pain in my knee joints. It has been something gradual and has never become an issue that requires even the most innocent medication. I attributed the pain to aging as well as wear from intense cycling in my late teens. Well, the pain is gone at the moment. Since I started sprinting, I have noticed that I am walking slightly different. I seem to put less weight on my joints and rely more on my thigh muscles.