Monday, June 20, 2011

Intermittent fasting

I have been curious about fasting for a long, long time. I cannot say where the interest comes from but I can say that I have never acted on it. Well, I seem to have come to the resolution that the time to fast has come.

First things first, though. My weight continues in the high 86's and low 87's kilos. This has been going on for a couple of weeks and it is a bit of a surprise. Before this, I was losing over a kilo a week and a total of 6 kilos in a month. Looking back at my diet, the most visible change was the addition of meat. I can only guess that this was the factor that put me over my calorie threshold.

It is also the case that there have been days when I felt I could have eaten less. Therefore, I have dropped the mid-afternoon snack (banana-whey smoothie). Also, I have let go of the kiwi after dinner. Regarding meat, I have only 5 servings for this week which means that the last two days of the week I will be eating something else... possibly fruit since it is now out the menu.

Yes. The intermittent fasting. It is all about narrowing the "feeding window". Specifically, I am going to attempt to go on a 16/8 pattern. This means that I will have my first meal of the day at 10am, my main meal at 2pm, and my last meal at 6pm. If I get hungry, I will have a cup of consommé.