Thursday, September 29, 2011

Measurements III

It has been two months since my last measurement. I will use tables from now on since they are easier to figure out at a glance. For instance, it is clear (and remarkable) that my height has not changed a bit.

Height 181 cm
9-30-11 7-27-11 Diff.
Weight 80.3 kg 83.4 kg -3.1 kg
Chest 103 cm 101 cm +2 cm
Arm 33 cm 32.5 cm +0.5 cm
Waist 86 cm 86.5 cm -0.5 cm
Hips 94 cm 94 cm n/c
Thigh 59 cm 61 cm -2 cm

As before, the fat loss is likely to be larger than the weight loss since I have put on a certain amount of muscle. I find interesting, even surprising, the lack of change in hips and waist size (these two months) considering the drop in weight. Where did the loss come from? I guess it is an overall issue. I do look thinner. In fact, it is odd that, based on simple BMI calculations, I am supposed to be borderline obese.

Height 181 cm
9-30-11 5-31-11 Diff.
Weight 80.3 kg 86.9 kg -6.6 kg
Chest 103 cm 100 cm +3 cm
Arm 33 cm 32 cm +1 cm
Waist 86 cm 91 cm -5 cm
Hips 94 cm 102 cm -8 cm
Thigh 59 cm 64 cm -5 cm

The table format is much better. No surprises here. For convenience, the numbers over the last 4 months are shown above.