Tuesday, September 6, 2011

VIII H.I.T. report

Yesterday I completed my 5th workout in a gym. It has become clear that high intensity training demands specialized equipment. This was not apparent to me before. In fact, it is the case that my home gym was perfectly adequate for my perfectly inadequate old routine.

The gym. Let's see. It is relatively well equipped, relatively uncrowded, relatively inexpensive, relatively nearby. In short, it is not perfect but it will do.

My progress has been impressive. I can now perform all big five exercises properly. My form has improved and so has my confidence regarding injury-free performance. This is crucial because I am already lifting poundage that sometimes frightens me. My leg press is over 300 pounds. There are times I think I am dreaming when I see a huge stack of weights going up and down.

Delusional as it sounds, I can realistically say that there will be a time in the not-too-distant future when I will max out some of the machines.

I am now working on disposition as I feel it is my weakest point. Motivationally, I am solid. However, I know that a change in attitude would improve my physical performance. This is fine tuning, of course. Still, when you are working at the edge of your capacity from the very first rep and when you are going all the way to momentary muscle failure, you need every asset you can muster.