Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It turns out I reported the wrong measures in this post.

This is what I have to work with:
  • Height: 181 cm.
  • Weight: 86.9 kg.
  • Chest: 100 cm.
  • Arm: 32 cm.
  • Waist: 91 cm.
  • Hips: 102 cm.
  • Thigh: 64 cm.

The weight has dropped at about 100 grams a day, a bit less than before. It appears the rate of loss is slowing down.

It should also point out that I'm not going hungry. The diet part of "Paleo diet" simply refers to the kind of meals that I eat, not to the amount.


I have already mentioned that I add whey protein powder to a banana and soy milk drink. I have a bag of 1 kg.

I also take fish oil and multi vitamin/mineral supplements. I have enough for 5 more weeks.

I do not have plans to continue taking these supplements when I run out of them. I think of them as helping me with the transition to a Paleo diet since, as explained in this post, I do not eat sufficient meat yet.


Eating meat seems to be at the center of the Paleo diet. This is somewhat difficult for me. Since a few years back, I've been eating less and less meat. Nowadays, I only eat meat perhaps once a week. The template menu reflects this.

I have added protein where I can. I eat at least 3 eggs a day, 6 pieces of fish in the form of satsuma age (see template menu), as much butter as I can, and a couple scoops of whey protein every day.

I bought chicken this week but it hasn't worked out. I don't enjoy cooking it.

At this point, I think the best option for me is to buy ground meat and prepare hamburger patties. My goal is to have one serving per day.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Second H.I.T. session

My performance is still disappointing. Slow movements are difficult to execute, specially since I still don't have the weights right.

As last week, I feel like I have not done enough.

As last week, I will nonetheless respect the 7-day rest period. It is difficult but it is the only thing I can do correctly.

It must be said that working alone naturally adds complication. Also, I only have limited equipment at home. I will post which later on.

I did the "Big five" the first session. I recovered quickly. It is likely that the reason was that I was all over the place. My T.U.L. was erratic. In some exercises, I held on for 300 secs while in others I could only manage 20 secs.

For this session, I modified the order of the "Big five" to even things out. I started with the exercises with my shortest T.U.L. and moved on from there. I also did better at guessing the weights. I finished the session by performing a few additional exercises until what I make out to be "positive failure" in each.

Summing up, some improvement but still seriously lacking.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Near the onset of diet and training

This post has been superseded by this one.

This is what I have to work with:
  • Height: 181 cm.
  • Weight: 87.3 kg. I started the Paleo diet at 93~94 kg 4 weeks before this post. My ideal weight should be 78~80 kg.
I don't expect significant muscle gains. However, H.I.T. emphasizes this and claims that shape will be more telling than weight. Therefore, I will use the following to track progress:
  • Chest: 102 cm.
  • Arm: 34 cm.
  • Waist: 98 cm.
  • Hips: 101 cm.
  • Thigh: 64 cm.
The arm and thigh have been measured at their widest point. I have relatively large legs due to cycling 20 years ago. Beyond this, I am not muscular in any way.

Template menu

This post has been superseded by this one.

I can eat the same menu day after day for months… until I get sick of it. The following will serve as my template menu. I will report when I deviate from it.

Breakfast: 1-egg omelet and three satsuma age (pan-fried with a tablespoon of butter).

Lunch: Big salad. Lettuce, 1 medium tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 medium onion (sautéed with a tablespoon of butter) , salt, extra virgin olive oil, and 2 spoons of garlic/ginger/parsley paste (see below).

Snack: A blended drink with a banana, 2 spoons of whey protein, and a small glass of soy milk (enough to liquefy the mix).

Dinner: Two boiled eggs. One raw medium carrot and a dip made of cream cheese (2 spoons), butter (1 spoon), and 1 spoon of garlic/ginger/parsley paste (see below).

Snack: 225 grams of plain yogurt with 1 spoon of pure cocoa and 1 spoon of chocolate drink mix.

I make the garlic/ginger/parsley paste with 3 heads of garlic, 150-200 grams of raw ginger, a bunch of fresh parsley, and extra virgin olive oil. I mix it in a food processor gradually adding olive oil. It lasts for weeks in the refrigerator.