Monday, July 4, 2011

Sprinting III

I never liked running. I found it painful and boring.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I enjoy sprinting.

I have been doing sprints for about a month now, never more than once or twice a week. Still, the progress has been steady. I first concentrated on my foot work because, believe or not, it was not certain that I wouldn't trip over myself. I then focused on lengthening my stride. This week, I have tried to release tension from my shoulders. The overall package is looking good. I am beginning to feel confident on my feet.

Tonight, I again sprinted a dozen times or so. I was able to push my speed up another notch. It is interesting (to me) that it seems I could always run a little quicker than I actually do. The acquisition of the skill has unleashed a source of strength that I didn't know I had.