Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Measurements II

Almost two months have passed since I recorded my size (see Measurements).

This is where I am today:
  • Height: 181 cm.
  • Weight: 83.4 kg (-3.5 kg).
  • Chest: 101 cm (+1 cm).
  • Arm: 32.5 cm (+0.5 cm).
  • Waist: 86.5 cm (-4.5 cm).
  • Hips: 94 cm (-8 cm).
  • Thigh: 61 cm (-3 cm).

The fat loss is likely to be larger than the weight loss since I am quite confident I have developed at least a little bit of muscle.

The numbers show a general decline in size as I become leaner. My muscle tone has improved significantly and it would be easy to think I have gained more mass than I actually have. Looks are on my side but deceiving nonetheless.

I am clearly stronger and fitter. Although I still have reservations regarding the health aspects of the paleo diet (I bought more multi-mineral/vitamin and fish oil supplements), I have to give a thumbs up to the HIT protocol as outlined in Body by Science. In these two months I have achieved more than in the previous two years. I'm sold... and I have yet to get to a gym and work with proper equipment.