Monday, May 30, 2011

Second H.I.T. session

My performance is still disappointing. Slow movements are difficult to execute, specially since I still don't have the weights right.

As last week, I feel like I have not done enough.

As last week, I will nonetheless respect the 7-day rest period. It is difficult but it is the only thing I can do correctly.

It must be said that working alone naturally adds complication. Also, I only have limited equipment at home. I will post which later on.

I did the "Big five" the first session. I recovered quickly. It is likely that the reason was that I was all over the place. My T.U.L. was erratic. In some exercises, I held on for 300 secs while in others I could only manage 20 secs.

For this session, I modified the order of the "Big five" to even things out. I started with the exercises with my shortest T.U.L. and moved on from there. I also did better at guessing the weights. I finished the session by performing a few additional exercises until what I make out to be "positive failure" in each.

Summing up, some improvement but still seriously lacking.