Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last post: Goals accomplished

I have blogged for about 7 months about my freakishly successful experience on a Paleo diet and a high-intensity training (H.I.T.) protocol. There are a few dozen posts in here. My intention has been to be succinct, clear, honest.

And so, summing up,...

Soon after I turned 40, my doctor offered me "metabolic syndrome" literature. There was a visible amount of hopelessness in his demeanor. I was, after all, just one more patient with a long list of incipient maladies (e.g., fatty liver).

I myself did not know what I wanted. The honest truth is that I could not even formulate it properly. I simply felt aged, slow, fragile, heavy, unhealthy.

For these and other reasons, I finally decided to start learning about nutrition and fitness. And so, during two and a half years, I ate a Japanese-style pescetarian diet and labored on high-volume low-intensity fitness routine. It didn't work. Medical exams showed my health continued to worsen while, adding insult to injury, I was getting fatter more consistently than ever before.

The problem was not that I did not "try hard enough".

The problem was that I was still ignorant.

Earlier this year, my research got me around to evolutionary anthropology. I made the necessary changes and, in a matter of days, I was feeling better. Within a few months, I was actually fit. Consider this. Not only I am able to run again for the first time in decades. Nowadays, I can sprint.

This journey, as most worthwhile journeys do, quickly surpassed and superseded original expectations. Today, I think about how trim I want to remain and how strong I want to become. The transformation still shocks me. Results from this year's medical exam could well be those of an altogether different person, a younger person, a fitter person, a healthier person.

That's it. Blog over.